Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tart! French Fridays with Dorie!

This week's French Fridays with Dorie recipe is Gerard's Mustard Tart. I must admit I was nervous about this recipe. I have never made tart dough before, but the instructions were super easy to follow and, well, I did it! The crust was delicious- so buttery and crisp. I know I will use the Tart Dough recipe a lot in the future. This is one of those things I needed to know how to do and, well, now I sort of know how to do it! This recipe was fun to make, but it takes a good chunk of time between the baking and cooling and freezing and so on.

The mustard-y custard filling was also scrumptious. I went with the tomato variation of the recipe instead of the carrots and leeks. I saw some really pretty tomatoes at the store this week that looked perfect. I was not sure how to arrange them (and the hubs was lurking in the kitchen looking for snacks) so I felt a bit rushed. As you can see below, they are just sort of plunked in there willy-nilly.

Here she is all finished (not too pretty, but yummy):

And here she is after the two us had our way with her:

Mmmm, so much buttery goodness. I am thinking that I will be heading to the kitchen all evening cutting myself little slivers of this (and pretending like I am not eating the whole thing - if it is just slivers, it doesn't count, right?). If it makes it till morning, I think it will be delicious cold for breakfast.


  1. It was good, wasn't it? Yours looks delish :)

  2. it looks delicious, great job! Tia @ Buttercreambarbie
    your pie plate is really elegant too.

  3. I made both versions, and I think I liked the flavor of the tomato version better. Yours looks perfectly yummy, and no, slivers don't count at all!